Week 24 – Post 1

Back on track at least this week! The video of the two men being recognized for their courage was so inspirational!

The webby was great – and we are winding down by winding up it seems! Excellent.

One thing Mark said today that sparked me, was that he had been doing all this work, reading Think and Grow Rich, being the observer, etc., and then it hit him.

That made sense to me since I’m thinking it hasn’t actually hit me like it did for him yet.

It occurs to me that I have been doing this MKE work as a challenge, as something to do right, or well and make it through all the endless requirements, rather than letting it flow into and through me.

Over the last months since starting this process I have been in a funk – not as motivated as normal, not feeling focused, judging myself for what I’m not doing – or judging what I am doing. And one of my most important DMP parts for me, not even close. So it’s been somewhat of a low period in my life when I thought it would be one of the highest.

Coming back from Mexico, and taking time to not do my normal life, shifted something and I feel like I’m through the funk. Excited for my days and what I can create.

Today, watching the webby, I realized that though I have used many things from this course, and done a lot with and through it, I want to now let things go and seek more of the flow. I am very glad I participated, and I know I have grown, shifted, learned. I think the next phase for me is to continue doing those AM/PM processes that keep my mind open and of course, doing the SIT – It’s all good and I feel blessed.

Week 23 – Post 1

Full disclosure, I missed the Webby for this week, and for some reason, it refuses to play on my computer so… thought I would hop on and do my required blog post prior to this week’s webby.

I missed the webby for a good reason I think, I was in MEXICO in CABO for the first time on a birthday trip with two of my besties. I did take my writings and readings and did the mornings consistently. I also did a 15 minute sit each morning so was centered.

A lesson I took away from the trip and also doing the work while gone – sometimes I think it’s vital to break from everything. Isn’t that why they are asking us to spend time in silence? So in hindsight, since I missed the webby maybe a break from doing the readings would have given me the refreshed feeling I have about work and the farm and my animals that I gained from breaking for a bit from them.

I think for that to work however you would need to make a commitment to yourself for the duration of the break and reasons. I had never been away to somewhere so warm and wonderful with not one thing on the schedule. It was an amazing feeling.

I say make a commitment because if you just don’t do the work, without thinking about it beforehand you may feel guilty. I have been dancing with these feelings of guilt around not keeping some of my promises, and since we say it after nearly everything I find my gut gets all twisted sometimes during the readings.

I’m working through these feelings lately because it’s pushing against a belief I have that when we state something that is absolute, it is generally a lie. Is there anyone anywhere that always keeps their promises? Is it me that doesn’t and so I want justification?

When I coach I suggest that leaders watch their use of absolutes so that they don’t lose credibility with their teams. The reasoning is that when a leader (person) states something like, I always arrive on time, or I am never late. When someone says that, depending on when, how, etc. most minds shift through to see if that’s true. So then it goes to thinking of a time this leader was late. So if this leader is so arrogant to announce something they always do, or never do, are they simply unaware?

To combat those thoughts of doubt, using generalism seems much smarter. Like, I strive to be on time. Or generally, I am punctual. This shows professionalism and makes sense.

Sometimes, in a heated discussion absolutes are used to hurt another. Statements like, “You always do that!” or “You never (fill in the black)” Of course those statements are false. So using absolutes inside a relationship can do damage.

Now as I write this out I realize why it has tugged at my gut. I am in a relationship with myself. If you’ve heard the story about the white wolf and the black wolf that live inside us then you know that the one who wins is the one you feed. Still, both wolves live inside us and of course, the conscious and subconscious live inside us too.

If my conscious mind insists that I always keep my promises, and my subconscious knows that’s not true, then right now, instead of my subconscious mind helping me, my conscious mind calls BS, because I believe absolutes are generally false.

Now that I’ve worked through this a question arises, do I shift my belief, or is this belief more helpful? Abraham Hicks says that a belief is simply something you’ve said over and over. I believe that absolutes are less effective than generalisms most of the time. And experience proves the point.

My realization is that keeping my belief is good for me. And as this process winds down I can create something that fits my beliefs with just a few tweaks as I move forward doing this amazing work.

Week 22a – Post 1

Is it just me, or does anyone else – do something while also listening to the webby?

So imagine my surprise, startle when at the beginning the call Mark enthused, “Stop Multi-Tasking!” Made me giggle!

I find even as I read my work morning and evening – the Master Key pages, the blueprint, the scroll in The Worlds Greatest Salesman, and my cards, etc. That after a while of reading these same things, my mind darts off to something that is banging around in my head.

What I’ve been doing is the law of substitution – grab another thought or refocus on the words to fill that mind wander. Mostly this works but heavens I’m so quick to jump back off the track.

Another thing I find is how often I’m judging myself. In not a stellar way. That I’m not keeping my promise on certain things, that I haven’t accomplished some of the things I set out to do, etc. And I love where I’m at in my life, wake up grateful and as the latest scroll suggests, focusing solely on what is good, right, and wonderful in my life.

I spend little or no time in anxiety, fear, anger – or what I think of those things as being. I do spend time judging, dancing with disappointment, and allowing myself to slip back into less-than-stellar habits. So there you have it.

One thing I think could be hurting my results is how truly happy I am in general. How blessed my life is, how great my living situation is, my amazing animals, friends, and clients and how financially well I’m doing. So, maybe the pain is not great enough, maybe the ideal is not something I crave…

Sigh… doing this work, exploring options, sitting in silence – it’s all good and I’m grateful I’m doing this. Very grateful!

Week 22 – Post 1

What a gift to go over all the kinds of things we do to NOT do what we know we must or want to do.

Fear – I’ve heard that it’s either fear or love… I chose love – so fear isn’t my stopper… I think for me it’s unworthiness and yet, and yet, I feel wonderful, talented, gifted, and blessed.

Recently I’ve been listening to a book called: The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease. It’s all about intention and how we feel about money and as I’m moving through the book I realize I am cool with money or lack of it, though that’s not my experience. I believe I am good with money, that money comes to me easily and so it does.

One day I was walking down a country road by my house, had my dogs with me, was sweating and feeling my body move well – and when I turned to come back I was struck by the landscape, the fields, the colors, and smells and the simple joy, beauty and love pouring out of me and I realized that moment that I was complete and happy and blissful. It mattered not if I had a million dollars or one dollar in my bank account, that this moment couldn’t be improved upon.

I bring this up because some of what we do here, and in the book, I’m listening to, is a call to do your bliss, live your best life, etc., and so forth. What if I AM?

Of course, then the question becomes, “Why are you in this class? Why are you listening to that book?” Because I am a seeker is the answer that comes up.

We’ve been challenged with doing a full day of silence with two half-days included…

And this is why I take this class! For the challenges – same with the book and other things I do – to challenge me, to grow me, to come closer and closer to the brilliance I know I have and use well and could use ever better.

Life is an amazing adventure and I’m loving the journey! Thank you!

Week 21 – Post 1

We’re moving to the end of the remarkable process – and the levels of engagement make perfect sense.

Going from the first element of copying – to the last element of doing the impossible became clear in the pre-video that Mark put out.

It was a good webby today – and maybe it was me. I was more present – I was prepped and ready to learn and things that were unclear, or seemed like one thing after another of stacking and stacking and attacking (I just put that in because it rhymed…) moved a bit further back – rather than feeling failure from not doing absolutely everything which means not keeping my promises… I feel from this week that this is moving into seeing the miracles and moving into doing the impossible rather than what I was focusing on which was the endless tasks.

That brings up something else that hit home today – that I was focused on doing (copying) the tasks and tasks and tasks and even though Mark said to do them with great enthusiasm, today, it settled into me that it’s about the feeling I was bringing to the tasks or process. I think I was not bringing the right feeling to all of it. I will alter that and the beauty of all of life is that we can alter things. Love that!

Week 20 – Post 1

My favorite time of the year is fall. I love the colors, the smells when things begin to move back into the earth, the first rain, and how it seems as if the earth gets busy settling in for the coming winter. The feel of the nip in the air when temperatures drop and how my breath is now visual on cold mornings when I’m in the barn.

Early morning view of railway line going straight ahead through the autumn fog to rising sun.

The wonderful feel of getting out the sweaters and coats and scarfs and gloves – putting my summer clothes away and pulling out boots of all varieties. This time of year feels good, right and like the farmers who have brought in their harvests, I feel it’s time for me to take stock of the harvest I have produced.

This week’s exercise on “The dash” between our birth and death was interesting – especially when we picked our fav time of year prior. For me – because I believe in a long, joyful, and healthy life, I have 48 more falls to breath in, revel in the sights and smells, and wear wonderful layers and gorgeous boots.

Two things occur to me in this exercise. First – that I’ve given myself many years to relish and enjoy so maybe there is less urgency than could help me. Second, if it’s shorter, or my health may be waning at the end of these dates what am I waiting for?

I loved the exercise and also the work about how fear, unworthiness, anger, and hurt feelings can be what is stopping me.

I go back and forth a lot – maybe most people do, and it also stops me up. On the one hand, being thrilled that I’m living the life I’ve created, and on the other hand, how to create an even better reality?

Mostly I am blessed, grateful, thrilled with what I’ve created, how I live, who I know deeply and trust and the work I’m blessed to do in the world. Then, I get the inkling that I can do more, do better, be a bigger influence, create even more for others and this sometimes becomes my wall as I allow the fear to flow through me.

Now, I can go to my plan, read my pages and do my sit and we shall see what happens next. Until next time!

Week 19 – Color Code Posting

The extra parts of this amazing course are fun and (tongue in cheek) colorful!

I’m a yellow – though I’m not completely certain FUN is my main focus – I certainly have a lot of fun in my life, and the other characteristics seemed right in line.

What I love is that even when it’s not an actual “Class” during off weeks – there is something there. I really like having Sundays to do the class – and get my week prepped.

One thing I intend to continue is a Sunday prep time – though it will be later than smack dab in the middle of my day –

I’m grateful to be taking this course/system/process – and feel different from having been involved.

Week 18 – Post 1

Back on track this week and LOVE that I am actually on the call – and not confused this week! LOL –

One thing I really liked this past week is reading back over past weeks MKE – How amazing to reread things again after a small break. This is how I will move forward after this incredible six-month process ends.

It feels like things for me are moving back and forth from strong consistency with my readings and then as life encroaches on me – time away, guests in my home, means a few misses on my readings. Rather than being unhappy about this, it’s simply a shake-off and pick it back up.

Something else that I’m happy about is the new month coming. First, because it means a new scroll – I’ve really loved reading these scrolls. And, I start again on my consistency calendar. A new month feels so fresh, so good.

And also – putting up the question all over and in my piles: What would the person I intend to become do next? I think this is a great question and can tell it will help me. I’m grateful.

Week 17 H??? – Post 1

The funny (sad) thing about this week is that I missed the Sunday webby because I was down at the Oregon coast supporting a friend who lost her husband last week and was in need of support.

No worries I thought, they send a replay and I scheduled time to watch it Monday – print out the new handouts etc. which I normally do on Friday but was gone. Well, I got all discombobulated and couldn’t figure out what was going on – I did 17 and they are all about 17 – and I stopped listening, was sorta listening because I wanted the new material, and was excited, but frustrated too.

So I got on Marco Polo and basically sent a private polo to my guide, who is the most wonderful gentle person. I was frustrated, intense, unhappy that I was so confused and how truly confusing all of the material is.

She came right back and told me about the HJ – which I had gone to, but it said not to watch until after the webby… sigh.

She also told me to be happy, be calm, she was her wonderful gentle self with me so I went back on to say I got them. Thank heavens for the law of forgiveness! Then I had the handouts so I could do the webby work and then Mark mentioned the 4 ways of dealing with death and denial – and all about how if we are not embracing this process we’re in denial and I saw myself.

I am committed to this process and yet the frustration I feel, the intensity of my feelings around how each week I feel inundated with more and more and more that I don’t dig, or understand, that I realized I am in denial. Then it ended… not completely certain how to dig me out of this – or even what I am in most denial about… Sigh –

One thing I really like is being on the Sunday calls. I knew I would have to miss this week and I’m glad I made the choice to support my friend, however, doing the webby on Sunday seems so vital to this process.

Now, this blog is done, a requirement made! Next, off to email Davene on why each of us all are The Greatest Salesman in the World!

Gratitude Challenge Post

One thing I’ve concentrated on in my life and which I challenge my clients with is to be and remain grateful. So at the end of November 2021 I challenged a group of leaders to write down one thing they are grateful for each day of December.

One of the leaders jumped on the challenge and on December first texted me to say she was doing the challenge and I was what she was grateful for! I felt blessed and grateful. Then in my sit that day it settled in my mind that I could share that challenge with my list.

So I did – I wrote about and posted and sent out a daily gratitude email and also wrote it on a sticky note and put it on my window door. I’m including the pic –

What this did for me is this:

I got into the habit – prior to the assignment in MKE – I shared my life – I challenged and encouraged others to be grateful and I have a visual representation of my service and success.

I’m sharing this here to inspire you! Being grateful rocks!