Week 17 – Post 1

This week wraps up the week we all as a collect practiced and then shared the kindnesses that we observed or performed. It was a nice week and I loved doing the kindnesses. It stretched my mind to think, “What can I do now?””What can I do for this person?”

Also, for me, one of my PPN’s got clearer and for me, more actionable this week. I have asked a friend to be my mastermind, my accountability partner and so far each evening we’ve set our alerts to 8:08 PM, and we text each other to say how we did that day.

Knowing I will be accountable, and knowing my burning desire to have this goal – and doing this wonderful mind-shifting work has made the first week doing this terrific.

Another thing I really liked and that flipped a switch in me was Mark’s pre-video for week 17 – when he mentioned the difference between doing the assignments and tasks to know we’ve done them, verses, who we want to become or who we are becoming by doing the work. And not to get caught in the first one. – I am becoming the person I envision and I’m liking that person. And, as usual, I am liking this work and am grateful.

Week 16 – Post 1

Kindness is on the agenda this week! I love kindness, love getting it and giving it, and now writing about it. So yippee!

My first post in the Alliances area on kindness was a joke I stumbled across that fits, I think. Here it is for you to enjoy:

As I pulled into the gas station, I noticed a woman trying to push her car toward the pump. Having always considered myself a Good Samaritan, I parked and joined her in pushing her car.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m giving you a hand,” I said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m stretching before my run.”

So sometimes what we think of as kindness is an intrusion? Ha!

This assignment sorta seems like the other assignment that we read the card about bringing a gift to everyone we meet. Anything like a trinket, a compliment, etc. – Isn’t that kindness? Anyway – learning in multiple ways, right? I really liked this and have been making it a habit to bring something to everyone I meet or encounter. Now we must note it, must write a couple down daily…

The wrinkle is that I live alone on 20 rural acres and sometimes go days not seeing anyone… I will do kindness over the phone or online then –

Sigh – another requirement… this thing after thing, after thing that we MUST or are required to do, doesn’t seem so kind… scratch that – how can showing kindness be anything but wonderful? I know in my bones that the leaders are simply working every angle possible to help us and I do appreciate all the intense effort put forth on our behalf. So I will be kind to myself and breathe and know everything is working out. Plus, now this requirement is done – yippee!

Week 15 – Post 1

The 15th-week Webby just completed. The information is so good and yet, and yet, so much and so many concepts and callbacks to things unmemorable, which moves your mind off to wondering what the heck that was, and missing what is being said.

When I think about this work, my commitment to it, how I use it daily, twice daily, and all the other times I’m noticing, observing, doing the other requirements, like this blog – it feels unsettling, unsure, unrealistic – and that’s a lot of uns! 🙂

So what would I improve? What would I do differently? – Uncertain which is another un! I feel somewhat like a failure weekly with everything you MUST do – or all the pump and pushed excitement to do all these things, everything – Jeeze!

As I’ve typed this I realize it’s a negative train of thought – I live in a positive place and as the reading suggests, you can see it on my face, my life, my environment – so some of these mini journals of gratitude seem so done – so tiresome to me, it’s almost as if doing these classes shifts me out of my positive, doing the work, taking the actions place, to despair and overwhelm and not doing enough. I’m not liking how this feels…

So focusing on one thing I got out of this week’s webby… The story is about a man who wanted to lose weight or focus on a diet and how to shift that to focusing only on moderation. That was a great reminder of how we think about something we want.

There is value here, I am sifting through it to make it as powerful as I can and doing my best to use the law of substitution when I want to scream at the screen when Mark puts yet another thing on our plates… sigh, I guess I can work on my pleasing personality. LOL!

Week 14 – Post 1

The holiday only got me twice I’m happy to say… two times I went to bed without my reading complete – though one time I made it through a part before my eyes closed…

I believe I was muttering Do it Now! Do it Now! Do it Now! as sleep overcame me…

Loved the Master Key reading from week 14 – with every atom, electron in our own cells listening to what we say (if we know how to use our mind that is…) is thrilling to know.

I have created an amazing life for myself, which was reinforced in the reading – with the statement along the lines of, you can’t be thinking negativing for 30 years and think your circumstances will change with 20 minutes of new thinking…

I have been thinking great, powerful positive thoughts for years – and it shows in my face, my life, my environment! Yay! Now my focus is on the few pesky parts that I have thought wrongly about. Just this morning a question from a potential partner set me down a negative road and so I took control and substituted that thought with a positive one.

And then the negative thoughts came back so I did it again and again – which shows me I have work/practice to do in this department.

That is the beauty of life – we don’t get it done, more layers arise and it’s all good!

Week 13 – Post 1

The index cards with all the single things we’ve done, are doing, are about – at first it was a bit odd then I got into all the things I have done, loved doing, love doing. From caring for my handsome steed daily to taking a hot air balloon ride.

When we were instructed to add viewing them daily into the already bulging pile I do morning and night, I sighed… yet another thing… an additional sigh and so I started running through them before I do all the other readings. And I felt good, really good.

I have done a lot, I have experienced a lot, I have a lot of wonderful things in my life, and letting them slide by twice a day gives me a little boost.

Could it be that this stuff works? Maybe not all of it for every person, however when you keep working, keep reading, and finding the shapes, etc. – there is a shift in energy, at least for me. After this webby, we were instructed to do another 30 – sigh…

Week 12 – Post 1

Uncertain if anyone else is or has experienced this… Since we are all a part of the universe I’m assuming maybe they have, I’m posting it to clear my head and who knows – maybe a post will do what a sit can!

The phrase, “I always keep my promises.” is not working for me.

Let me lay out my thinking – maybe that will shed some light on it… Maybe someone has an idea…

In my work with leaders and executives, we talk a lot about how using “Absolutes” is less than stellar with a team. When a leader or anyone really says, “I ALWAYS do whatever…” it can make the other person question if that is true or not, (lose credibility) – plus it seems quite boastful.

Example: “I’m ALWAYS on time!” until the day something happens and you are not on time. So when my clients say, “I always listen, or I always ask good questions!” I gently ask, “Always? Every time? There has never been a time you didn’t listen, or your question wasn’t good?”

If they are honest with themselves and me, they may have not been on time, etc. EVERY time (Absolute) which is detrimental to their team’s faith or belief in them. And people use absolutes in many places that are simply not true. Example: EVERYONE on the team thinks like this… ALL women are… EVERY man… It’s lazy language and something we work to eradicate.

Now inside this work we are instructed, directed, provided through the written word and in every webby the phrase, “I always keep my promises!” With enthusiasm no less.

Each time and if we’re doing the reading several times a day, which I am, I cringe, I balk, I feel wrong, and like a liar. The truth is I don’t always keep my promises, especially to myself.

One of my beliefs around subby is that what we say must be true, or what we want to be true (Present tense) I can FEEL exuberant, expectant, and giddy about the life I am creating and envisioning, and say my DMP with high enthusiasm, and then it ends with this false to me phrase, “I always keep my promises” And the doubt flows over me…

What I have been doing is simply taking the ALWAYS out and saying, I keep my promises. This has helped. And maybe the bigger issue that could use addressing is, what would it take to keep my promises? Especially to myself?

This has been a stumbling black through this process for me so far. I am not keeping some of my promises (and let’s face it there are so many to keep it’s somewhat ridiculous and makes me, at least, a liar a lot)

So there you have it. My confession, my block, my attempt to grapple with this. It feels better to have written it down, and the one or two peeps, Peaches, for instance, who read this may have an insight, which I welcome. Thank you!

Week 11 – Post 1

Doing the work, works, we saw that over and over for a long period on the webby this week. Sometimes, however, it brings up comparison, in me at least. What can I do better? How can I not judge myself? How do I move out of some of my poor habits that for whatever reason, are hanging on with a vice-like grip?

Today I woke up extra happy. I used to be this extra happy a lot, singing in the barn while I do my chores, just filled with anticipation of good things. It felt great to be back in this place and I’m going with it, regardless of the reason. Being on week 11 – is it this work? Uncertain, especially with some of the deep questions I have about some of it, and that my goals have not come… but I love the new scroll of persisting every day. I am not giving up, that is for sure.

So… Week 11 and staying on my morning and evening reading – my posters around, my shapes and colors, and the girl in the mirror – it’s all over my home/office, etc.

One funny thing – I put a big poster up with 4 bold blocks of colors and shapes – Blue which is my spiritual element, yellow, which is my health element, red is about my relationship goal or heart, and green represents wealth to me. Well, my new puppy, when I was out of the office for a few minutes got a hold of that poster and took a big chunk out of my wealth and heart sections.

Well, this pup has had a health challenge that has taken a bite out of my finances (wealth) – and has completely infiltrated my heart, so that chewed area is honest and true!

Life is an adventure for me, I love it and enjoy this journey and am grateful to be on it, I have a great guide, and am appreciative of the process, even as it challenges me.

Week 10 – Post 1

Thanksgiving weekend so no class and apparently a chat – I have not found the recording, however, I just uncovered some handouts by going into the next tab of this incredible process – will download them shortly, just wanted to do this requirement when it crossed my mind.

I did do the survey, which was good – and asked how we are doing at this stage. I am happy to report I believe I’m doing pretty well, even as I have encountered some obstacles, being confronted with my own poor habits that for some reason, have been less than easy to replace…

Also how easy it was to manifest new business at the beginning, and then having a few bumps shake my confidence… I totally get that this is a process and even as I religiously do my morning and evening readings and sometimes feel like it’s new reading, and that I could no doubt do these readings/sitting/saying out load my cards for many more months before they are really inside my bones…

I am committed to this process, I am enjoying it, and I am thankful for it!

Week 9 – Post 1

Week nine (I subconsciously wrote NICE rather than nine! LOL) is now history. My fav part of the webby was seeing the examples of movie posters. I have been collecting things, pics etc. to create mine. So while on the webby, I cut out colors and got things laid out. Doing two things at once which is one of the learning things we discussed!

I like having the webby each week – I love the learning – this process has been great for me and I’m so grateful that I started it and am doing the work.

I do find that ALL the push about ALL the ways we learn and how much we HAVE to do feels incredibly cumbersome and can I write this.. obnoxious to me. It feels punitive to be told so many times all the things we MUST do, are REQUIRED to do – heavens – I thought this was about being self-directed thinkers… Okay, I’m done with the mini-bitch but feel better having gotten it off my mind and onto this page.

Something I’m impressed with is how Mark and The Fab Davene and their team take into consideration what past attendees have suggested. Super amazing people.

As this Thanksgiving week begins, I’m glad and thankful I am on this path!

Week 8 – Extra

Living alone on the top of what I affectionately call, “Mud Hill” with 2 dogs, 1 old cat and my horse waiting for me down at the arena is my choice, my desire, my blessing.

November just became reality, the month of giving thanks and it feels right that the first thing to be grateful for is oneself. 

This is new thinking for some people, like me, in the past. Grateful for myself? For my life choices? For what I have, what I’ve created, earned, stumbled into through luck or divine design?

Much simpler to focus on the external, the sunrise for instance. It’s so beautiful, or the forest, or dogs, who can ever not be thankful for dogs? And that they accept us, love us, and let us be so completely authentic when around them?

But today, as we embark on a month of giving thanks (at least a day of it anyway) I want to ask you some questions. Of course, I do!

Are you grateful for you? Your essence, your spirit, your completely unique personality? 

What if today you were? 

Zig Ziglar once said in, ‘Better Than Good: Creating A Life You Can’t Wait To Live’.

“Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap.”

So today can you be grateful for you? All of you, even the bits and parts you normally put down or hide?