Week 15 – Post 1

The 15th-week Webby just completed. The information is so good and yet, and yet, so much and so many concepts and callbacks to things unmemorable, which moves your mind off to wondering what the heck that was, and missing what is being said.

When I think about this work, my commitment to it, how I use it daily, twice daily, and all the other times I’m noticing, observing, doing the other requirements, like this blog – it feels unsettling, unsure, unrealistic – and that’s a lot of uns! 🙂

So what would I improve? What would I do differently? – Uncertain which is another un! I feel somewhat like a failure weekly with everything you MUST do – or all the pump and pushed excitement to do all these things, everything – Jeeze!

As I’ve typed this I realize it’s a negative train of thought – I live in a positive place and as the reading suggests, you can see it on my face, my life, my environment – so some of these mini journals of gratitude seem so done – so tiresome to me, it’s almost as if doing these classes shifts me out of my positive, doing the work, taking the actions place, to despair and overwhelm and not doing enough. I’m not liking how this feels…

So focusing on one thing I got out of this week’s webby… The story is about a man who wanted to lose weight or focus on a diet and how to shift that to focusing only on moderation. That was a great reminder of how we think about something we want.

There is value here, I am sifting through it to make it as powerful as I can and doing my best to use the law of substitution when I want to scream at the screen when Mark puts yet another thing on our plates… sigh, I guess I can work on my pleasing personality. LOL!

3 thoughts on “Week 15 – Post 1

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Remember to be kind to yourself. Remember to give yourself credit for all the things you do right. Just continue the habit of being consistent. You’re doing a great job


  2. I did think of you when Mark said ‘write more cards’! 😄
    The mind loves to throw up the old doubts and uncertainties, the cement!
    You and I both know you’re greater than the ‘uns’, it’s a process and you’re moving very rapidly from the old to the new!
    Relax and breathe and enjoy and celebrate your successes!


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