Week 14 – Post 1

The holiday only got me twice I’m happy to say… two times I went to bed without my reading complete – though one time I made it through a part before my eyes closed…

I believe I was muttering Do it Now! Do it Now! Do it Now! as sleep overcame me…

Loved the Master Key reading from week 14 – with every atom, electron in our own cells listening to what we say (if we know how to use our mind that is…) is thrilling to know.

I have created an amazing life for myself, which was reinforced in the reading – with the statement along the lines of, you can’t be thinking negativing for 30 years and think your circumstances will change with 20 minutes of new thinking…

I have been thinking great, powerful positive thoughts for years – and it shows in my face, my life, my environment! Yay! Now my focus is on the few pesky parts that I have thought wrongly about. Just this morning a question from a potential partner set me down a negative road and so I took control and substituted that thought with a positive one.

And then the negative thoughts came back so I did it again and again – which shows me I have work/practice to do in this department.

That is the beauty of life – we don’t get it done, more layers arise and it’s all good!

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