Week 13 – Post 1

The index cards with all the single things we’ve done, are doing, are about – at first it was a bit odd then I got into all the things I have done, loved doing, love doing. From caring for my handsome steed daily to taking a hot air balloon ride.

When we were instructed to add viewing them daily into the already bulging pile I do morning and night, I sighed… yet another thing… an additional sigh and so I started running through them before I do all the other readings. And I felt good, really good.

I have done a lot, I have experienced a lot, I have a lot of wonderful things in my life, and letting them slide by twice a day gives me a little boost.

Could it be that this stuff works? Maybe not all of it for every person, however when you keep working, keep reading, and finding the shapes, etc. – there is a shift in energy, at least for me. After this webby, we were instructed to do another 30 – sigh…

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