Press Release Interview

Shawna Schuh

Living a Blessed Life

Interviewer: So tell us how you obtained this charming and blessed life you lead?

Thank you for asking and it’s something I adore talking about since if I can do this others can too. This is a big principle I think it’s important to share and remember.

I created my life, first in my mind and then it came to me as I moved forward towards my desires. Everything begins in my mind and I keep my mind open, clear, and positive.

What makes this possible is that I am totally and joyously connected to The Divine. I spend time daily connected vibrationally through meditation and sometimes just sitting in silence. 

Interviewer: When and where do you do this meditation/sitting?

This is a favorite thing to share. First, after I do my morning reading, I sit for 15 minutes so I do that in my bedroom and usually I turn the lights out and do it in the dark, though I’m sitting up. 

Then, I have a wonderful morning routine and take my two lovely dogs down to my arena to tend to and work my handsome steed. This is a magical time being in the barn with my animals and moving my body. I love it and it sets me up to come back to my big beautiful log home where I feed the dogs and then sit outside on the porch to do another 15 minutes to go within. 

Sitting outside for meditation is a rich experience because it allows me to hear the birds, or rain, smell the earth and dogs, and be snuggled in a blanket as I give myself the gift of being with myself. 

Interviewer: So you feel you’ve created your life by mediation and sitting? Is there anything else you do to live as you do?

You are a great interviewer so thank you! And I am grateful to be sharing this and it’s also one of the keys, gratitude. I am so blessed and grateful for my remarkable life. I live vibrantly and energetically in a totally healthy body. I eat real foods that nourish my body and keep my mind clear. I have a well on my 20 acres so drink the best, cleanest, right from mother earth water. 

What’s remarkable is how easy it is to maintain my ideal weight of 130 pounds and how much energy I have. I wake up energized and refreshed and feel excited to create my day.

Interviewer: Now talk about this epic love relationship you’re in. How did you do that and how do you keep it so fresh and loving? It’s hard not to gush when I talk about my partner, lover, “my person” who I love and who loves me completely. The joy I have from knowing this man has my back and is there for me in all circumstances and our incredible intimacy is all I imagined and just makes this life journey as good as it gets! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he is handsome, kind, successful, and generous, which makes me an even better person just by being around him. Having this life partner is something I envisioned, got clear about, and knew was how I wanted to live this stage of my life. I was happily single for years and now I’m ecstatically coupled. It rocks!,

Interviewer: Now talk about your business, who you serve, and how you’ve come to be so successful with it.

Aww, my sweet spot! My purpose, my gifts, and my talents! I love what I do so much, it’s almost indescribable. 

I help leaders evolve into the best version of themselves. My absolute favorite of all our services is the one-on-one coaching I do with my clients. It’s intimate and affirming and I have helped people change their lives by changing their thinking, habits and having them learn effective tools.

I also offer full-year programs for groups so they can learn from each other. And I adore the twice-a-year retreats I do for women leaders. These are highly effective and there is a waiting list, so it’s exciting-

Lastly, the speaking I do to groups is also fun, rewarding, and exhilarating. I feel like every time I get on a plane or travel to an event I’m on an adventure and since it’s live in front of an audience it uses all my skills and talents to provide exactly what this audience needs. I adore this part of my business because it stretches me and puts me in connection with the Divine and the audience in electrifying ways.

Interviewer: Do you have any last comments for our readers as we wrap up?

Yes! The word BLESSED describes my life and who I am and my mission in life is to bless others. 

Thank you! 

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Leadership Coach
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