Week 17 – Post 1

This week wraps up the week we all as a collect practiced and then shared the kindnesses that we observed or performed. It was a nice week and I loved doing the kindnesses. It stretched my mind to think, “What can I do now?””What can I do for this person?”

Also, for me, one of my PPN’s got clearer and for me, more actionable this week. I have asked a friend to be my mastermind, my accountability partner and so far each evening we’ve set our alerts to 8:08 PM, and we text each other to say how we did that day.

Knowing I will be accountable, and knowing my burning desire to have this goal – and doing this wonderful mind-shifting work has made the first week doing this terrific.

Another thing I really liked and that flipped a switch in me was Mark’s pre-video for week 17 – when he mentioned the difference between doing the assignments and tasks to know we’ve done them, verses, who we want to become or who we are becoming by doing the work. And not to get caught in the first one. – I am becoming the person I envision and I’m liking that person. And, as usual, I am liking this work and am grateful.

3 thoughts on “Week 17 – Post 1

  1. Awesome you have an accountability partner and a mastermind. I know that I get a great deal of value from my mastermind group.


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