Gratitude Challenge Post

One thing I’ve concentrated on in my life and which I challenge my clients with is to be and remain grateful. So at the end of November 2021 I challenged a group of leaders to write down one thing they are grateful for each day of December.

One of the leaders jumped on the challenge and on December first texted me to say she was doing the challenge and I was what she was grateful for! I felt blessed and grateful. Then in my sit that day it settled in my mind that I could share that challenge with my list.

So I did – I wrote about and posted and sent out a daily gratitude email and also wrote it on a sticky note and put it on my window door. I’m including the pic –

What this did for me is this:

I got into the habit – prior to the assignment in MKE – I shared my life – I challenged and encouraged others to be grateful and I have a visual representation of my service and success.

I’m sharing this here to inspire you! Being grateful rocks!

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge Post

  1. I love the post-it idea of sticking gratitudes down where you can see them. The words will have frequencies and they are there for you to view and absorb. Will you carry this idea on in some shape or form?


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