Week 17 H??? – Post 1

The funny (sad) thing about this week is that I missed the Sunday webby because I was down at the Oregon coast supporting a friend who lost her husband last week and was in need of support.

No worries I thought, they send a replay and I scheduled time to watch it Monday – print out the new handouts etc. which I normally do on Friday but was gone. Well, I got all discombobulated and couldn’t figure out what was going on – I did 17 and they are all about 17 – and I stopped listening, was sorta listening because I wanted the new material, and was excited, but frustrated too.

So I got on Marco Polo and basically sent a private polo to my guide, who is the most wonderful gentle person. I was frustrated, intense, unhappy that I was so confused and how truly confusing all of the material is.

She came right back and told me about the HJ – which I had gone to, but it said not to watch until after the webby… sigh.

She also told me to be happy, be calm, she was her wonderful gentle self with me so I went back on to say I got them. Thank heavens for the law of forgiveness! Then I had the handouts so I could do the webby work and then Mark mentioned the 4 ways of dealing with death and denial – and all about how if we are not embracing this process we’re in denial and I saw myself.

I am committed to this process and yet the frustration I feel, the intensity of my feelings around how each week I feel inundated with more and more and more that I don’t dig, or understand, that I realized I am in denial. Then it ended… not completely certain how to dig me out of this – or even what I am in most denial about… Sigh –

One thing I really like is being on the Sunday calls. I knew I would have to miss this week and I’m glad I made the choice to support my friend, however, doing the webby on Sunday seems so vital to this process.

Now, this blog is done, a requirement made! Next, off to email Davene on why each of us all are The Greatest Salesman in the World!

3 thoughts on “Week 17 H??? – Post 1

  1. I liked how you shared your set of challenges that many of us experience from time to time. It’s definitely not easy being committed to this course and dealing with life itself. Kudos for supporting your friend in a time of need. Nice to see how persistent you are


  2. Isn’t it always the way, we find a routine and it starts to work and then something is thrown into your perfect routine,m which confuses us and makes us feel sad. But each time this happens, we grow and the kindness towards ourselves grows. Soon you will start to just feel love for what ever life throws at you – keep on going.


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