Week 18 – Post 1

Back on track this week and LOVE that I am actually on the call – and not confused this week! LOL –

One thing I really liked this past week is reading back over past weeks MKE – How amazing to reread things again after a small break. This is how I will move forward after this incredible six-month process ends.

It feels like things for me are moving back and forth from strong consistency with my readings and then as life encroaches on me – time away, guests in my home, means a few misses on my readings. Rather than being unhappy about this, it’s simply a shake-off and pick it back up.

Something else that I’m happy about is the new month coming. First, because it means a new scroll – I’ve really loved reading these scrolls. And, I start again on my consistency calendar. A new month feels so fresh, so good.

And also – putting up the question all over and in my piles: What would the person I intend to become do next? I think this is a great question and can tell it will help me. I’m grateful.

3 thoughts on “Week 18 – Post 1

  1. Thats the mindset of winner – “Rather than being unhappy about this, it’s simply a shake-off and pick it back up.” – love that you got back up again!!

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