Week 19 – Color Code Posting

The extra parts of this amazing course are fun and (tongue in cheek) colorful!

I’m a yellow – though I’m not completely certain FUN is my main focus – I certainly have a lot of fun in my life, and the other characteristics seemed right in line.

What I love is that even when it’s not an actual “Class” during off weeks – there is something there. I really like having Sundays to do the class – and get my week prepped.

One thing I intend to continue is a Sunday prep time – though it will be later than smack dab in the middle of my day –

I’m grateful to be taking this course/system/process – and feel different from having been involved.

3 thoughts on “Week 19 – Color Code Posting

  1. Using the Colour code to help you relate to others and help them feel really important in your presence will be magical. The more you practice it the more you make life about what you can give to the other person, just by showing up.


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