Week 9 – Post 1

Week nine (I subconsciously wrote NICE rather than nine! LOL) is now history. My fav part of the webby was seeing the examples of movie posters. I have been collecting things, pics etc. to create mine. So while on the webby, I cut out colors and got things laid out. Doing two things at once which is one of the learning things we discussed!

I like having the webby each week – I love the learning – this process has been great for me and I’m so grateful that I started it and am doing the work.

I do find that ALL the push about ALL the ways we learn and how much we HAVE to do feels incredibly cumbersome and can I write this.. obnoxious to me. It feels punitive to be told so many times all the things we MUST do, are REQUIRED to do – heavens – I thought this was about being self-directed thinkers… Okay, I’m done with the mini-bitch but feel better having gotten it off my mind and onto this page.

Something I’m impressed with is how Mark and The Fab Davene and their team take into consideration what past attendees have suggested. Super amazing people.

As this Thanksgiving week begins, I’m glad and thankful I am on this path!

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