Week 10 – Post 1

Thanksgiving weekend so no class and apparently a chat – I have not found the recording, however, I just uncovered some handouts by going into the next tab of this incredible process – will download them shortly, just wanted to do this requirement when it crossed my mind.

I did do the survey, which was good – and asked how we are doing at this stage. I am happy to report I believe I’m doing pretty well, even as I have encountered some obstacles, being confronted with my own poor habits that for some reason, have been less than easy to replace…

Also how easy it was to manifest new business at the beginning, and then having a few bumps shake my confidence… I totally get that this is a process and even as I religiously do my morning and evening readings and sometimes feel like it’s new reading, and that I could no doubt do these readings/sitting/saying out load my cards for many more months before they are really inside my bones…

I am committed to this process, I am enjoying it, and I am thankful for it!

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