Week 11 – Post 1

Doing the work, works, we saw that over and over for a long period on the webby this week. Sometimes, however, it brings up comparison, in me at least. What can I do better? How can I not judge myself? How do I move out of some of my poor habits that for whatever reason, are hanging on with a vice-like grip?

Today I woke up extra happy. I used to be this extra happy a lot, singing in the barn while I do my chores, just filled with anticipation of good things. It felt great to be back in this place and I’m going with it, regardless of the reason. Being on week 11 – is it this work? Uncertain, especially with some of the deep questions I have about some of it, and that my goals have not come… but I love the new scroll of persisting every day. I am not giving up, that is for sure.

So… Week 11 and staying on my morning and evening reading – my posters around, my shapes and colors, and the girl in the mirror – it’s all over my home/office, etc.

One funny thing – I put a big poster up with 4 bold blocks of colors and shapes – Blue which is my spiritual element, yellow, which is my health element, red is about my relationship goal or heart, and green represents wealth to me. Well, my new puppy, when I was out of the office for a few minutes got a hold of that poster and took a big chunk out of my wealth and heart sections.

Well, this pup has had a health challenge that has taken a bite out of my finances (wealth) – and has completely infiltrated my heart, so that chewed area is honest and true!

Life is an adventure for me, I love it and enjoy this journey and am grateful to be on it, I have a great guide, and am appreciative of the process, even as it challenges me.

3 thoughts on “Week 11 – Post 1

  1. I totally enjoyed reading your blog. I liked the compelling questions you asked about yourself that I asked myself also. Patience is a virtue and eventually everything will work out accordingly in end. We just keep doing the work and keep witnessing the inexplicable things that will happen in our lives.

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