Week 8 – Post 1

Thinking of myself as an architect is interesting, kinda cool, and becoming effective.

When we built our custom home there were a few things I remember doing. First and for a long time, I just simply envisioned it up where it was slated to go. We moved a trailer home onto the property, a single-wide thing I was less than happy about. Then each time I drove up the drive I felt and saw the log home I wanted way before we built it – like 7 years.

What happened with the architect, though was that I simply shared all the elements I wanted and he did most of the designing. I think I’m missing that collaboration now. My DMP is clearly stated, dated, etc. however it’s not feeling like when we built this house…

So… what to do about that… no doubt my wonderful guide will tell me to sit with it! LOL

Maybe I can draw it out, or some of it – The movie poster is an attempt at this I’m assuming, however, some things spark me and others don’t, though I’m doing them all…

Okay, as it all progresses I will keep posting about it. I’m enjoying the work!

Week 7 – Post 1

Love, love, love the reading in The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. I will greet this day with love in my heart!

One of the things I’ve noticed as this 7th week unfolds is how even with reading a scroll 3 times a day, it takes a bit to sink it! This stuns me. I read it, I believe it, I use emotion! Then I promptly forget it! Then as I continue it seeps in, it niggles my mind, and I begin to think about loving someone driving by, or at the store, and then as I am interacting.

This is why we are doing this, yes? I greet this day with love in my heart, and keep loving!

Week 6 – Post 1

Curving Country Road Through Thick Forest

A new month just became reality and it’s the month that holds Thanksgiving. I like to be thankful all month, all year, all life!

When the new month came we moved to the second scroll in The Greatest Salesman in the World which is now our 3 times-a-day reading. The theme is: I will greet this day with love in my heart. Soon it will simply be I greet this day with love in my heart. I love it – I love to love and today it came washing over me as I was driving.

I was on my way to pick up my pup from the vet. He had a little surgery and picking him up was pushing into my Digital Solutions class so I was in a hurry. I live in a rural area with country roads and so going the speed limit or faster is normal. There isn’t even one stoplight or stop sign all the way to the vet. There are two small towns and both have a reduced speed, however.

When this black SUV pulled out in front of me from the first small town they were moving so slow I wondered for a moment if they had been drinking. They were traveling 10 miles an hour for half a mile in the 20 miles an hour zone and when the speed sign read, 45 they moved up to 20 miles an hour and I started to feel that uncomfortable, irritable, I don’t know what they are thinking, feeling.

I felt myself getting worked up and yet also helpless since there is nothing you can do about other people. So then I remembered today’s reading. I will greet this day with love in my heart. And along with that the I will love, I will love and I will love all the other things in that scroll.

So I started to love the other driver. Thinking maybe they had something going on so they weren’t paying attention. Thinking if they pulled over I would ask if they were alright. Spending the time behind them thinking about love, rather than the confused and irritated thoughts I was thinking before I remembered (or my subconscious provided) new thoughts.

For this, I am thankful which is the theme for me this month so this is a double yay! Loving this Master Key experience!

Week 5 – Post 1

No doubt it’s me but reading the material on the law of compensation was less than a stellar experience. It’s old writing, it wanders and I think (gasp) I’m giving my opinion! Yikes! We just learned this so there you have it. First I am doing what we’re asked not to do, but (hooray!) I caught myself in the middle of it.

There is a dance, I am observing about myself, between an opinion and a judgment so as Davene suggests, let’s look it up!

o·pin·ion/əˈpinyən/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

judg·ment/ˈjəjmənt/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. 1.the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.

Okay – I somehow have it in my mind when I’m judging myself, someone, or something else, I’m noting less-than-stellar things about them. Being judgy… and the definition (at least this one) says the ability to make considered decisions – judging something (or someone) on merit?

Either way, my goal is to simply be in the moment – smile or nod without jumping in with my thoughts or opinion and read that compensation essay another two times, and hold out that I will like it better as we go.

Week 4 – Post 1

What I’m loving about this Master Key process is building the new habit of reading 3 times a day. I do the full reading list when I wake up and just before sleep – I have things in a folder and getting the system going – being enthusiastic just prior to bed is interesting.

Also, I count on my fingers the 25 Do It Now! statements and have begun to count the I can be what I will to be! on my fingers too. I just put that new statement: I CAN Be What I WILL To Be! on a sticky note by my computer too.

In case it will help anyone – this is my system of reading everything. I have my notecards paperclipped to the weekly Master Key reading. So I start off with those – My PPN, my service (love that word so much more than chore) and the tasks and movie trailer. I find the notecards my least fav part. I’m doing them as instructed and have them colored up but they haven’t taken a hold of me yet, it might be the finger counting…

Then I read the Master Key lessons – it takes a week to let the deepness of the information seep in. I then read the first scroll of The Greatest Salesman in the World. I really enjoy this and do it 3 times a day and really have committed to this new habit.

Then I read the Blue Print and then my DMP as the last thing to let seep into my mind. I do this same routine prior to sleep. In the mornings I usually sit for 15 minutes, though that takes the time I usually give to my morning stretching so I must adjust. I already must be up for an accountability call I lead Monday through Friday at 5:15 AM so I’m still dancing around the best routine.

I have added a 15 minute sit outside when I come back from my morning barn time where I care for my handsome steed. My dogs are with me and it’s lovely to be outside and listen to the morning unfold.

My mid-day reading is a bit haphazard since I don’t actually take a lunch break, however the book sits on my desk so it’s a visual reminder to pick it up and read it during the day sometime. I also read my DMP then too.

It would be interesting to hear others routines, what they read first, second, etc. – Maybe I’ll Marco Polo that! Excited to be on this journey!

Week 3 – Post 1

As this journey progresses I find myself shifting and some of it is a bit uncomfortable and I have decided to trust the process – one of the points yesterday was about doing the work even when we don’t know exactly why or how it will benefit us. The clip from Karate Kid was terrific. All the wax on, wax off, paint the fence work was building the muscles needed.

I have been diligently and consistently doing the readings three times a day and that’s where I feel things moving inside, however I am judgmental about myself and that my deepest desires seem still a long way away. And – nature doesn’t move in haste, remembering that may be the greatest key.

Week 2 – Post 4 (since I did 2 twice!)

On Friday’s the system is that we receive a new video and get all the handouts in anticipation for the Sunday lesson. This is a great system for me, I am listening, printing things out – getting my mind ready and open all while still engaged in the work I’m doing this week. I believe it’s effective because it’s stacking on top of each other – or like Og writes – making new grooves (he probably used a different word but you get my drift…)

I can feel myself shifting, expanding and I hear myself sharing with others that they must replace a habit they aren’t happy with, by putting in a new and better habit which is what we are doing. I’m really digging the reading AM/PM – doing the daytime lesser amount readings too, just don’t quite have that time/place dialed in… setting an alert has helped.

Week 2 – Post 2

Yippee! I figured out why these blog posts were not showing up! Woot – I won’t explain what I learned and pray no other blogger needs to have it explained but suffice it to say that I did not give up. I went to the wpbeginner site that we learned about in the Digital Solutions class last night and yes siree – gave myself some space and with one click got things back!

Week 2 – Post 1

Super excited after today’s webinar for the Master Key System! Mark and Davene suggest it will get easier and it is! (sort of!) lol! I have been doing the reading, however a bit off, more on some and less on others, so I think I have it sorted now… What is happening in my mind and heart is that getting my mind right is happening with these readings and sitting.

What is also exciting is that I am and have been using intention with my clients and asking them continually what they want. This is not an easy thing to answer for most and so it’s fab that I am being asked the same thing. I do know what I want – I am clear even through it’s not only ONE burning or earnest desire. I like EARNEST a lot!