Week 6 – Post 1

Curving Country Road Through Thick Forest

A new month just became reality and it’s the month that holds Thanksgiving. I like to be thankful all month, all year, all life!

When the new month came we moved to the second scroll in The Greatest Salesman in the World which is now our 3 times-a-day reading. The theme is: I will greet this day with love in my heart. Soon it will simply be I greet this day with love in my heart. I love it – I love to love and today it came washing over me as I was driving.

I was on my way to pick up my pup from the vet. He had a little surgery and picking him up was pushing into my Digital Solutions class so I was in a hurry. I live in a rural area with country roads and so going the speed limit or faster is normal. There isn’t even one stoplight or stop sign all the way to the vet. There are two small towns and both have a reduced speed, however.

When this black SUV pulled out in front of me from the first small town they were moving so slow I wondered for a moment if they had been drinking. They were traveling 10 miles an hour for half a mile in the 20 miles an hour zone and when the speed sign read, 45 they moved up to 20 miles an hour and I started to feel that uncomfortable, irritable, I don’t know what they are thinking, feeling.

I felt myself getting worked up and yet also helpless since there is nothing you can do about other people. So then I remembered today’s reading. I will greet this day with love in my heart. And along with that the I will love, I will love and I will love all the other things in that scroll.

So I started to love the other driver. Thinking maybe they had something going on so they weren’t paying attention. Thinking if they pulled over I would ask if they were alright. Spending the time behind them thinking about love, rather than the confused and irritated thoughts I was thinking before I remembered (or my subconscious provided) new thoughts.

For this, I am thankful which is the theme for me this month so this is a double yay! Loving this Master Key experience!

2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Post 1

  1. You put something new into the world with your actions of loving the very thing that was causing you irritation. It takes a courageous and aware person to recognize this. Awesome!!


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