Week 2 – Post 1

Super excited after today’s webinar for the Master Key System! Mark and Davene suggest it will get easier and it is! (sort of!) lol! I have been doing the reading, however a bit off, more on some and less on others, so I think I have it sorted now… What is happening in my mind and heart is that getting my mind right is happening with these readings and sitting.

What is also exciting is that I am and have been using intention with my clients and asking them continually what they want. This is not an easy thing to answer for most and so it’s fab that I am being asked the same thing. I do know what I want – I am clear even through it’s not only ONE burning or earnest desire. I like EARNEST a lot!

3 thoughts on “Week 2 – Post 1

  1. It is true, often we give ourselves to others without really giving to ourselves the same level of questioning. It seems that with the Master Key Experience, you are ‘giving’ to yourself that which you have continued to give to others.


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