Week 1 – post 3

Just downloaded the worksheets and items for week 2 – which kicks off tomorrow. Some of it I’m confused about – there is a lOT to understand. One thing I’m digging is the reading aloud of the Master Key lessons. They are deep and it takes doing the reading two times a day to have it sink in. At least for me.

I’ve been putting a lot of emotion into my DMP reading, and believing I can attain it, mostly… Am I the only one that questions themselves? I’m looking forward to joining, being a part of a mastermind to find out.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 – post 3

  1. How do you question yourself? – Is it from a place of doubt or from a place for gaining greater clarity? – Only you can know the truth.

    I am excited about the dedication that is coming through in your blog.


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