Week 1 – 2

Reading the daily selections (and there seem like a lot) of the Master Key – this is the longest and brings with it the most questions and excitement. – And the Blueprint two times a day, the first scroll from The Greatest Salesman – three times and day and my Definite purpose statement (haven’t yet heard from by guide whether it’s in alignment) three times a day and my greatest challenge is keeping all this reading and how often straight! I’m actually reading the Master Key material twice a day because I can do morning and night – yesterday, the first full day I worked a long time on my Definite purpose since I have 4… uncertain if that is too many, however they are vital to me. Anyhoo… since I write, love to write – decided to jot some of this down today…

Yesterday we also went over the Digital Solutions first class, mostly showing peeps how to do stuff on line… One thing I found of interest is that we will be sharing our blogs and have the requirement to read other people’s blogs. We shall see that that brings forth!

3 thoughts on “Week 1 – 2

  1. I am sure you will have read about the power of Journaling. Writing down one’s thoughts is so powerful and equally, it is powerful for those of us who will walk your journey with you.


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