Week 1 – post 1

Took the first webinar on this journey into learning/experiencing The Master Key System yesterday. Avalanche of information and it was great.

A bit overwhelming and even though the leaders and team have done many things to make it easier – a video for nearly every step (truly awesome), and still there is a LOT to do, learn, accomplish!

Last night I took the papers up to my bedroom, read the Master Key sheets – the Blueprint page, the beginning of my DMP and the scroll 1 from The Greatest Salesman that I found online since my book is on its way. Was that everything? Sigh…

The biggest win for me was the commitment I’ve made to not watch a screen, or check my phone after doing the reading which I didn’t. So I slept well! Then this morning, I read it all again and sat in silence for 15 minutes. I actually sat in silence again when I came back from doing my barn chores. I want to get very clear so this sitting/meditation is vital.

More later as this adventure progresses. Uncertain who may be reading this, however thank you, if it’s you!

2 thoughts on “Week 1 – post 1

  1. I love the discipline you are showing with your commitment to the journey. The 15min sits are challenging but the difference they will start to make you will experience as your journey continues.


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