Week 4 – Post 1

What I’m loving about this Master Key process is building the new habit of reading 3 times a day. I do the full reading list when I wake up and just before sleep – I have things in a folder and getting the system going – being enthusiastic just prior to bed is interesting.

Also, I count on my fingers the 25 Do It Now! statements and have begun to count the I can be what I will to be! on my fingers too. I just put that new statement: I CAN Be What I WILL To Be! on a sticky note by my computer too.

In case it will help anyone – this is my system of reading everything. I have my notecards paperclipped to the weekly Master Key reading. So I start off with those – My PPN, my service (love that word so much more than chore) and the tasks and movie trailer. I find the notecards my least fav part. I’m doing them as instructed and have them colored up but they haven’t taken a hold of me yet, it might be the finger counting…

Then I read the Master Key lessons – it takes a week to let the deepness of the information seep in. I then read the first scroll of The Greatest Salesman in the World. I really enjoy this and do it 3 times a day and really have committed to this new habit.

Then I read the Blue Print and then my DMP as the last thing to let seep into my mind. I do this same routine prior to sleep. In the mornings I usually sit for 15 minutes, though that takes the time I usually give to my morning stretching so I must adjust. I already must be up for an accountability call I lead Monday through Friday at 5:15 AM so I’m still dancing around the best routine.

I have added a 15 minute sit outside when I come back from my morning barn time where I care for my handsome steed. My dogs are with me and it’s lovely to be outside and listen to the morning unfold.

My mid-day reading is a bit haphazard since I don’t actually take a lunch break, however the book sits on my desk so it’s a visual reminder to pick it up and read it during the day sometime. I also read my DMP then too.

It would be interesting to hear others routines, what they read first, second, etc. – Maybe I’ll Marco Polo that! Excited to be on this journey!

5 thoughts on “Week 4 – Post 1

  1. You seem like a disciplined person, as you are looking after your animals. They take discipline and a great deal of organization in meeting the needs of each of them. I love how you are finding a system to also serve yourself with the same level of care and attention with the commitments for the Master Keys.

    Thank you for sharing your routine.


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