Week 2 – Post 4 (since I did 2 twice!)

On Friday’s the system is that we receive a new video and get all the handouts in anticipation for the Sunday lesson. This is a great system for me, I am listening, printing things out – getting my mind ready and open all while still engaged in the work I’m doing this week. I believe it’s effective because it’s stacking on top of each other – or like Og writes – making new grooves (he probably used a different word but you get my drift…)

I can feel myself shifting, expanding and I hear myself sharing with others that they must replace a habit they aren’t happy with, by putting in a new and better habit which is what we are doing. I’m really digging the reading AM/PM – doing the daytime lesser amount readings too, just don’t quite have that time/place dialed in… setting an alert has helped.

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