Week 21 – Post 1

We’re moving to the end of the remarkable process – and the levels of engagement make perfect sense.

Going from the first element of copying – to the last element of doing the impossible became clear in the pre-video that Mark put out.

It was a good webby today – and maybe it was me. I was more present – I was prepped and ready to learn and things that were unclear, or seemed like one thing after another of stacking and stacking and attacking (I just put that in because it rhymed…) moved a bit further back – rather than feeling failure from not doing absolutely everything which means not keeping my promises… I feel from this week that this is moving into seeing the miracles and moving into doing the impossible rather than what I was focusing on which was the endless tasks.

That brings up something else that hit home today – that I was focused on doing (copying) the tasks and tasks and tasks and even though Mark said to do them with great enthusiasm, today, it settled into me that it’s about the feeling I was bringing to the tasks or process. I think I was not bringing the right feeling to all of it. I will alter that and the beauty of all of life is that we can alter things. Love that!

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