Week 22 – Post 1

What a gift to go over all the kinds of things we do to NOT do what we know we must or want to do.

Fear – I’ve heard that it’s either fear or love… I chose love – so fear isn’t my stopper… I think for me it’s unworthiness and yet, and yet, I feel wonderful, talented, gifted, and blessed.

Recently I’ve been listening to a book called: The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease. It’s all about intention and how we feel about money and as I’m moving through the book I realize I am cool with money or lack of it, though that’s not my experience. I believe I am good with money, that money comes to me easily and so it does.

One day I was walking down a country road by my house, had my dogs with me, was sweating and feeling my body move well – and when I turned to come back I was struck by the landscape, the fields, the colors, and smells and the simple joy, beauty and love pouring out of me and I realized that moment that I was complete and happy and blissful. It mattered not if I had a million dollars or one dollar in my bank account, that this moment couldn’t be improved upon.

I bring this up because some of what we do here, and in the book, I’m listening to, is a call to do your bliss, live your best life, etc., and so forth. What if I AM?

Of course, then the question becomes, “Why are you in this class? Why are you listening to that book?” Because I am a seeker is the answer that comes up.

We’ve been challenged with doing a full day of silence with two half-days included…

And this is why I take this class! For the challenges – same with the book and other things I do – to challenge me, to grow me, to come closer and closer to the brilliance I know I have and use well and could use ever better.

Life is an amazing adventure and I’m loving the journey! Thank you!

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