Week 22a – Post 1

Is it just me, or does anyone else – do something while also listening to the webby?

So imagine my surprise, startle when at the beginning the call Mark enthused, “Stop Multi-Tasking!” Made me giggle!

I find even as I read my work morning and evening – the Master Key pages, the blueprint, the scroll in The Worlds Greatest Salesman, and my cards, etc. That after a while of reading these same things, my mind darts off to something that is banging around in my head.

What I’ve been doing is the law of substitution – grab another thought or refocus on the words to fill that mind wander. Mostly this works but heavens I’m so quick to jump back off the track.

Another thing I find is how often I’m judging myself. In not a stellar way. That I’m not keeping my promise on certain things, that I haven’t accomplished some of the things I set out to do, etc. And I love where I’m at in my life, wake up grateful and as the latest scroll suggests, focusing solely on what is good, right, and wonderful in my life.

I spend little or no time in anxiety, fear, anger – or what I think of those things as being. I do spend time judging, dancing with disappointment, and allowing myself to slip back into less-than-stellar habits. So there you have it.

One thing I think could be hurting my results is how truly happy I am in general. How blessed my life is, how great my living situation is, my amazing animals, friends, and clients and how financially well I’m doing. So, maybe the pain is not great enough, maybe the ideal is not something I crave…

Sigh… doing this work, exploring options, sitting in silence – it’s all good and I’m grateful I’m doing this. Very grateful!

2 thoughts on “Week 22a – Post 1

  1. Great blog Shawna!
    Your transformation is in the ‘doing’ of the work and eventually even those little things that you mentioned here subside, you’re nurturing a gentle process of change. Perfection not necessary!! ‘Seeing’ your foible’s is the recognition of what else may be blocking your absolute peace!
    Using the Law of Substitution is a great plan of action, great job!


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