Week 24 – Post 1

Back on track at least this week! The video of the two men being recognized for their courage was so inspirational!

The webby was great – and we are winding down by winding up it seems! Excellent.

One thing Mark said today that sparked me, was that he had been doing all this work, reading Think and Grow Rich, being the observer, etc., and then it hit him.

That made sense to me since I’m thinking it hasn’t actually hit me like it did for him yet.

It occurs to me that I have been doing this MKE work as a challenge, as something to do right, or well and make it through all the endless requirements, rather than letting it flow into and through me.

Over the last months since starting this process I have been in a funk – not as motivated as normal, not feeling focused, judging myself for what I’m not doing – or judging what I am doing. And one of my most important DMP parts for me, not even close. So it’s been somewhat of a low period in my life when I thought it would be one of the highest.

Coming back from Mexico, and taking time to not do my normal life, shifted something and I feel like I’m through the funk. Excited for my days and what I can create.

Today, watching the webby, I realized that though I have used many things from this course, and done a lot with and through it, I want to now let things go and seek more of the flow. I am very glad I participated, and I know I have grown, shifted, learned. I think the next phase for me is to continue doing those AM/PM processes that keep my mind open and of course, doing the SIT – It’s all good and I feel blessed.

One thought on “Week 24 – Post 1

  1. I enjoyed reading your post Shawna. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t experience the same issues at one point or another. 6 months of this kind of extreme draining is not for faint of heart. Butyou got this.👍❤😎


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